"Crazy Weather" iPhone App Teaches Kids About Climate Change with Gorgeous Art and Rhymes

crazy weather app image

Images via Crazy Weather

It's tough to resist the absolutely beautiful artwork put forward by Crazy Weather, a new app for the iPhone and iPad that teaches kids about the impacts of global climate change on weather. The interactive app is a fairytale that tackles the problems of our warming planet, and all in an adorable rhyme. While the text is great, its the images that captivate.

crazy weather app image

The story is of a child who visits a neighborhood park only to encounter some, you guessed it, crazy weather. The child observes what's going on and comes to a conclusion about our planet's plight. The app offers users a way to interact with the story, discovering secrets on each page, and a parent can even read the story out lout to record it so a child can listen to the story as told in their mom or dad's voice.

crazy weather app image

The app is basically a modern-day version of a pop-up children's book, providing a story, beautiful art, and interaction with the reader. Plus, the hopeful message is an important one for kids. Crazy Weather is $2.99 and seems like a great addition for kids who already love to play on their parent's iPhone!

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