Could the Russian Mir Submersible Stop the Oil Leak?

russian mir submarine photo

Photo: Wikipedia, public domain.
"The Mir-2 captain underlined that the subs were probably the only deep-sea vessels in the world capable of stopping the leak."
What if the Russian Mir submarines could stop the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, and the Russians say that they are ready to help, but BP never asks? That seems to be what is happening right now. Read on for details.

Photo: Wikipedia, public domain.

The BBC has the story: Basically, there are very few subs that can operate at these depths and do useful work.

"Our subs are unique. There are two of them and they can submerge and work simultaneously. Also, they are powerful enough to work with any other additional equipment.

"There are only four vessels in the world that can go down to 6,000m - the Mirs, French Nautile and Japanese Shinkai. The Mirs are known to be the best, and we have a very experienced team of specialists," [Chernyaev] said.

But while the Russian sub team is offering their help to BP, they haven't got a request or even a formal sit-down with BP.

Of course, it's not quite that simple. Agreements would have to be made between the two country's governments and other experts would have to work with the Mir team, since their expertise is not directly with leaking oil wells. But if it has a good chance of success, BP should definitely consider it. At this point, bringing subs from the other side of the world isn't too much to ask for.

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