Could Making Our Electronics Sneeze Extend Their Life? The Gesundheit Radio Says Yes (Video)

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Keeping dust out of your gadget's inner workings is a sure way to make them last longer. And making your gadgets last longer is a sure way to reduce the amount of e-waste heading to landfills or recycling plants. While air in a can tends to be the go-to cleaning solution for electronics among most consumers (if you clean your electronics at all!), it's not the greenest solution. Perhaps simply forcing the electronics to sneeze is a better way! There is one example of a gadget using this strategy - the Gesundheit Radio. Check it out in action.

Unpluggd points us to the Gesundheit Radio, a device designed by James Chambers, who in turn dreams up the story this is really created by the Attenborough Design Group in 1972, programmed to 'sneeze' once every six months and rid its interior of dust and dirt. The creative story works, but the important part is the clever design:

Gesundheit Radio from James Chambers on Vimeo.

What else might we get to "sneeze" its way to a clean interior, eliminating the need for canned air?? Well, probably not much. Can you really imagine an iPad sneezing? But it's still a fun idea, and a good reminder that keeping our electronics clean is a primary way to make them last longer.

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