CORE delivers high-performance gasless outdoor tools at a fraction of the weight

CORE Power Lok
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Keeping the weeds down or the hedges trimmed with gas-powered equipment can be a noisy and polluting affair, but until recently, there weren't many other options if you needed to go out past the end of the power cord. While electric models can deliver plenty of torque, the fact that they need to be powered via an extension cord limits their usefulness. But a new type of motor, one that is built using a similar process to creating printed circuit boards, is ushering in a new era of gasless outdoor equipment.

The CORE Power Lok is said to be both highly efficient and as powerful as gasoline-powered models, delivering "the highest energy factor per weight of any existing motor" in a size just one-third to one-fifth of currently available models.

"Lincoln Jore and Matt Jore came up with the idea of eliminating the wire windings and iron laminations used in conventional motors by embedding copper-etched conductors into a multi-layered printed circuit board to form a stator that works in conjunction with permanent magnets to produce torque in a new type of ironless and wireless motor. They created a special pattern of conductive material, laid out on individual layers of conductive material, and laminated and interconnected to each other to form an efficient, compact, and powerful stator." - CORE
The Power Lok consists of a drive unit, which can then accept different accessories, such as the string trimmer, the hedge trimmer, and the blower. The Power Lok can "recognize" the accessory and then optimize its performance and accessory via operational instructions. The drive unit weighs about seven pounds (with the Power Cell battery installed), and features a locking quick connector for attaching the accessories.

The Power Lok drive unit can run for as long as 90 minutes on a single charge, with recharge times for the Power Cells taking about three hours with a standard unit, and as little as one hour with the optional rapid charger. A mobile four-pack charger is also available, which can simultaneously charge multiple Power Cells with either house current or via a 12V vehicle outlet.

CORE delivers high-performance gasless outdoor tools at a fraction of the weight
Take the noise and exhaust out of outdoor chores with these powerful electric models.

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