Copenhagen Climate Congress to Synthesize New Science on Climate Change

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photo: Matthew McDermott

The problem with any consensus document like the 2007 IPCC report is that by the time everyone signs off on its contents, some of those contents are out of date. The science of climate change continues to evolve, even though a certain state of knowledge is recorded as authoritative. How to remedy this in time for the COP15 United Nations Climate Change Conference this November-December so that, hopefully (crossing fingers, toes and anything else that will cross on my body), we can all agree to a plan that will set us on a path towards truly mitigating the worst effects of climate? The University of Copenhagen and IARU's Climate Change Congress hopes to do just that. And TreeHugger will be there covering it all:Over the next three days, scientists from around the world will come together in Copenhagen to,

provide a synthesis of existing and emerging scientific knowledge necessary in order to make intelligent societal decisions concerning application of mitigation and adaptation strategies in response to climate change.

More than 50 papers will be presented (everyone getting their 10-15 minutes in the spotlight), covering themes such Opportunities for Mitigating Climate Change, Managing the Planet, Equity Issues, Understanding the Risks, Preparing for Impacts: Adapting to the Inevitable, and Mobilizing the Populace.

Findings to Supplement 2007 IPCC Report
What will come out of all this? The Climate Congress makes clear that their work should be seen as supplemental to that of the IPCC, the results being a summary of the existing scientific knowledge on climate change, two years after the last IPCC report. This updated information will be compiled in a book and 30-page report (to be released in June) that will be presented to policy makers at the COP15.

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