Cool Website Gives You Greenest Home Address

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There is a very cool website that has the ability to take into account all the things you do on a regular basis, and then pinpoints the best spot for you to live so that you are central to everything you most enjoy, effectively minimizing your carbon footprint. Called, the website gives you options for entering in places your family commutes to often, including offices, schools, daycare, the gym, friend’s houses and so on. Based on what you enter, it figures out a central location.

That doesn’t mean it’s a prime location. I entered in a few points for places I go, and it put me smack in the middle of a park. Then again…that is the perfect place for a TreeHugger.

Thankfully, it allows you to enter cross streets so you don’t have to look up exact addresses. It also pops up the average property tax, home and condo value, and other helpful facts for finding a place to live. You can also compare daily commutes for different addresses if you’re trying to narrow down your selection of potential homes.

This kind of tool is awesome for helping to minimize carbon footprints. While it might not send you to the best piece of property, it certainly sends you to the most efficient location. You can do the footwork from there. Handy dandy!

Via EcoGeek
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