Cool New Online Atlas Spotzi Helps You Discover the World

spotzi map imageSpotzi/Screen capture

If you're a fan of maps, you'll be a fan of this new tool called Spotzi.

The newest member in the world of free online data is Spotzi, an atlas that tells you all sorts of interesting information about the world based on various themes. Once you select a theme, a map is generated that you can scroll around on to learn more information.

The themes include:
Agriculture and Farming
Climatology and Meteorology
Business and Economy
Cultural, People and leisure
Health and Diseases
Transport and Communication
Environment and Conservation
Military and Intelligence
Geology and Biology

spotzi map imageSpotzi/Screen capture

According to a press release, the information used in Spotzi (which stands for "spot and zoom in") "combines all information that is available from governments and research institutions and makes it available in one single spot." It is also updated daily, collecting information from thousands of datasets.

As far as the data on the map goes, you'll have to do your own research to verify the accuracy, especially when it comes to themes like climatology, conservation, intelligence and other areas where information may be controversial or changing constantly. But if the data being pulled in is as comprehensive as Spotzi claims, then it seems that we can trust this atlas as much as we can trust any atlas found in a bookstore or library.

In January 2012, a premium version of Spotzi will be available for companies, which will be a useful resource for various marketing purposes, providing for example analyses of brands.

Spotzi is online, and also available as an app for iPhone and Android-powered phones. The company is excited about what this atlas can do on iPads as well.

spotzi map image© Spotzi iPhone app

spotzi map image© Spotzi iPhone app

Overall, it is a really interesting tool to check out and explore. Have fun with it and tell us what you think!

Cool New Online Atlas Spotzi Helps You Discover the World
From climate science to agriculture, from conservation to military moves and diseases, this map tells you everything.

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