Cool New OLED Lighting Displayed at Lighting Fair 2009

OLED bright lights photo

High luminance and just 15 watts with these OLED prototype lights from RIOE. Photos via LEDinside
Last week we talked with Barry Young of the OLED Association who let us know that OLED lighting is going to be really awesome in the near future. We're getting a taste of that coming through from the Lighting Fair 2009, running this week. Check out some of the crazy things being done with OLED, that just might end up in our living rooms in a few years. Remember the bit about windows that can be OLED lights in the evening? Well, The Research Institute for Organic Electronics (RIOE) is on it.

OLED bright lights photo

At 70-75% transparent, these OLED lights can act as decent windows during the day, and lighting patterns can be flipped on at night.

And working the svelt angle, Panasonic Electric Works Co Ltd displayed the thinnest panel at the conference. It is just 1 mm thick - a panel so thin it inspires technology to embed OLEDs into wallpaper, or even curtains.

OLED sunlight temperature photo

One of the panels had a color temperature equivalent to sunlight. The company also stated that while OLEDs will become widespread as supplemental lighting, it'll take about 10 years before it becomes a main lighting source - an estimate along similar lines as what Young gave us.

Via LEDinside
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