Cool New Interactive Carbon Capture & Storage Maps Launched

carbon capture and storage map image

images: Bellona

Undoubtedly you've heard all the talk about clean coal technologies. Leaving aside the absurdity of calling coal clean under any circumstance, the prime technology being referred to in that statement is capturing and storing the carbon emissions from that coal. But CCS could also be deployed at a natural gas or oil-fired power plant to capture emissions. There are plenty of people working on CCS, but only a couple pilot-scale projects at power plants are up and running (or should be shortly).

Want to know more about CCS? Well, Bellona has launched a new website that has a cool interactive map showing all sorts of CCS projects and the technologies they hope to use: As the screenshot above gives you a glimpse of, you can sort carbon capture projects by ones which are proposed, operating or merely speculative, by the type of capture to be done, as well as where the emissions will be stored. On another interactive tool you can get an overview of what exactly carbon capture and storage consists of and its potential benefits.

carbon capture and storage image

In case you didn't now, Bellona is a Norway-based environmental NGO, founded in 1986 as a direct-action group. Their general take on CCS is that it should be used as part of a raft of strategies to reduce CO2 emissions, with energy efficiency and renewable energy leading the way.

That said, BG Group, Vattenfall and ExxonMobil are listed as 'Gold Sponsors' of their work. I don't mean to imply anything by that other than to point out that some major fossil fuel companies are involved.

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