Cool New Concept Phones Tweaked for Environmental Activism

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PCWorld has shown off the winners of the LG Japan Mobile Design Contest. Some of the designs are really innovative, and we thought it would be fun to take the brainstorming a step further and think about how environmental concerns could make it onto our phones, like a Top Five Friends lists.

So here are three of the concept phones from the competition and three ways they could be tweaked to put the environment on speed dial.

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The Planet Phone is aptly named for this game. The winner of the competition is designed to track how much attention you're paying to your friends. LED lights in the center of the phone represent your various friends, and rotate farther out to the center the longer it's been since you've talked to that friend.

What if this phone worked for causes? Each light represented an important environmental cause, and the longer it's been since you focused on, say recycling centers, or transitioning to renewable energy, the farther out to the edge the light rotate. The lights could be hooked up to the contact info for the appropriate government representative, non-profit organization or other leaders so you could quickly dial in and help out on the most important causes of our time.

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The Temperature Phone is also aptly named to repurpose itself for the environment. The concept phone is made of tiles, each of which represents a friend. As your friend moves location, the tile glows to represent the temperature of their location. So if your friend heads off to a ski resort, it glows blue, or to the Bahamas, it glows red.

What a perfect concept for addressing climate change. Each tile could represent a key area for global climate change. It doesn't have to be related to the temperature of the areas, but perhaps instead major greenhouse gas emitters. The more a place is emitting, the redder it glows. As the location cuts back, it glows more blue. The tiles can be hooked up to call government representatives of the area or organizations so that you can voice your concern when their tile glows red, or congratulate them as it glows blue.

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The Tap Phone encapsulates our desire for a way to remotely control power. The phone is made to look like a light switch. When you don't feel like being on call, you tap it to the off position and the phone goes into sleep mode. But if you're ready and willing to talk, just tap the phone to on.

How great would it be to have such a simple solution for controlling our home's energy use. It could be programmed to cut power to all non-essential items in your home, so that at night or when you leave, you can just tap your phone and know that you're saving on vampire electricity. Or perhaps a more involved system could be incorporated, with various switches to represent various rooms in your house or appliances.

It is a whole lot of fun to dream up such solutions and handy fixes. What would you create for a concept phone that battles for the environment?

Concept phone info and photos via PCWorld
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