Cool Clocks Use Recycled Bike Parts, Offer Perfect Example of Make-Don't-Buy Project

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Image via Olive Barn

These clocks made in part from recycled bike components are a fun addition to a room. However, the specifics on it show that for some home accessories, it's probably better to break out the tool box than to shell out money for a just-missed-the-mark green product.

The clocks are made from upcycled materials, or at least they're made in part from them. But the probem is they take AA batteries and cost a whopping $85 each.

It's one instance where it's a greener product, sure, but DIYing it could yeild a toy that's just as neat and far greener. Using an old clock, scavenged recycled bike parts, and your own two hands might make for an even better, and far cheaper, eco-friendly home accessory. And, you'd have the opportunity to make it solar powered by using a recycled solar cell from a broken lawn lantern or some such thing.

However, if you're feeling less than handy, you can pick up one of these clocks, made by artisans in rural Organ, from Olive Barn.

Via Alternative Consumer
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