Consumer Electronics Show Dedicating More Space for Green Gadgets This Year

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Photo by Jaymi Heimbuch

Considering the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is among the biggest events in electronics worldwide, it never seems too early to start talking about it. Especially when they issue a press release stating that they're expanding the Sustainable Planet green gadget section by over 40% from last year. Not that it'd be tough to do. Last year the Sustainable Planet section was practically impossible to find, and LG's booth right next door was practically the same size. So...what are the improvements CEA intends to make this year to ensure greener gadgets get the attention they deserve?

According to the release, Sustainable Planet will have upwards of 30 exhibitors focusing specifically on various green tech, including green building, sustainable packaging, automotive, wireless and alternative energy technologies. So basically, everyone who doesn't have a larger booth somewhere else at the trade show where they can incorporate their greener side will be piled up here.

Also, the release says the Sustainable Planet area will be located in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center - let's see if it stays that way. Last year, finding the area was a bit of a frustrating challenge since they moved it without updating all the maps or putting up very helpful signage.

Maybe since it'll be bigger this year, it'll be easier to find. We'll see. We're also really interested in finding out more about the presence of energy efficient TVs at CES. CEA has been railing hard against California's push to shove energy-sucking TVs off store shelves - the vote on which will happen today. Last year, most manufacturers of televisions were showing off at least one model of super energy efficient TV - presumably one that would do perfectly well under California's tightened standards. Considering energy efficiency is one of the greenest traits electronics can have, we'll try and gauge some opinions on that at the show as well.

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