Compostapalooza's Design Contest Winner: The Keiro Apppliance

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Last month, we caught word about Quirky's Compostapalooza competition - a crowd-sourced contest for the best ideas in composting. Well, a winner has been announced and anyone who wants easy, clean, quick composting will love this idea. It's a compost box that grinds up kitchen scraps with the turn of a handle and stores them until you're ready to add them to the compost heap at the end of the day or every couple days. With Quirky, inventors and designers are given a platform to present ideas and get feedback from the crowd. If "influencers" are influential enough, they get put into production. Quirky's latest call for ideas revolving around composting.

Some of the comments received by readers about the Kitchen Scrap-Cycler include:

The unit should be able to hang off the counter top or cutting board in order to efficiently collect material into this recycler / composter while cooking or chopping.

You need to have a deodoriser cartridge in the design. It can be as simple as slotting or puring in a standard baking soda pack which needs to be changed only periodically

I would suggest having a one-touch open and close on it (or even a hand sensor so you don't have to touch it at all if that's not super expensive). I haven't bought a container with a lid because I won't want to wash my hands before placing items in the bin, then wash my hands before continuing cooking, and once the lid gets dirty I will be too grossed out and stop using it.

And that's the beauty of Quirky - with enough user input, designers can come up with a brilliant product without nearly as many iterations of consumer market testing.

What would be your feedback for this concept?

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