Compartmentalized Concept Refrigerator Cool Way To Keep Stuff Cold

electrolux design lab refrigerator photo

Image Credit: Electrolux Design Lab

This concept fridge looks like it could be a very interesting solution to the problem with energy sucking cold beasts. While creators at Electrolux Design Lab 2008 had their eye on style and practicality, we look at it and see potential for big energy savings.One way to rig it for energy savings is by programming each compartment for only the necessary temperature for the contents placed in that particular compartment and nothing more. Items that don't need temperatures quite as cold as others could be separated.

Also, by having foods in separate compartments, releasing cold air upon opening it up to grab a snack could be minimized.

Finally, keeping items more tightly packed together to help out with keeping everything cold can reduce the amount of energy needed to run the units. Plus, the concept fridge is made of stackable compartments, so consumers can buy and plug in only the amount of space they need. Very cool.

Electrolux has put out some awesome kitchen concepts before, but an energy-efficient fridge of this kind is something we'd love to see right quick.

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