Coal Ship Runs Aground, Destroys Coral Reef in Philippine Marine Sanctuary

philippine corals photo

Photo by Jekert Gwapo via Flickr CC

A ship carrying coal has run aground in a marine sanctuary in the southern Philippines, destroying a large section of the protected reef in the process. The ship is still stranded on damaged reefs in Sarangani Bay. According to the AP, the ship ran aground on Sunday and has been stuck since.

"Coast guard spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Algier Ricafrente said Thursday the Panamanian-registered ship with 21 Filipino crew members was headed to India from Australia carrying 65,000 tons of coal. Ricafrente said an investigation showed the ship's crew miscalculated its path and sailed into shallow waters."

So far, that's all we have, though the story smacks of the same hurt and anger that we felt when a coal-carrying ship from China ruined a 2-mile stretch of the Great Barrier Reef of Australia last year.

We aren't sure how a ship could get so off course that it could run into a marine sanctuary. We're glad the crew is safe, but it's a terrible loss for corals that are already under threat.

We'll keep you updated as we learn more.

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