Clothes Made from Milk -- Yes, Milk. (Video)

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Milk is the raw material for a new fabric created by 28-year-old German biologist Ande Domaske, who has created a string of beautiful designs based on the silky smooth fabric. Gizmodo's Jesus Diaz writes, "I'm having a hard time believing this, but these women are wearing clothes actually made with real milk. Yes, the liquid white stuff."

Admittedly, I'm finding it fairly weird too.

One of my first questions was, "Isn't this a terrible use of milk, which has a hefty carbon footprint?" However, the report states that the yarn is spun from milk that is "substandard" and would have been thrown out. So really, the cloth is a way to cut down on food waste.

Here's a video highlighting the details:

The fabric apparently is smooth like silk, and yet comes from sour milk -- something that would have been tossed. While it's not necessarily environmentally friendly (the dairy industry is responsible for roughly 4% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions), it is at least coming from what would otherwise be waste.

The designs will sell for about $300 and up

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