Climate Science, Circa 1956 (Video)


Image: Screenshot, Climate Denial Crock of the Week

One of the prevailing myths about climate change is that it's a "new" science -- merely the latest fad in an ongoing cycle of scientific doom-saying. You've almost certainly heard or read someone say something like this: "In the 70s, the scientists were all telling us the globe was cooling -- now it's warming. Well which one is it, durn it?" The implication is that climate science is some kind of a trend, and is apt to change course when those fickle scientists find something else to fixate on. This is anything but the case:

It's another fine video from Peter Sinclair, the sharpest climate denier debunker on YouTube. Here, he dredges up a recording from a 1956 radio special on climate science. In the show, they discuss the 1953 paper by the physicist Gilbert Plass, who was one of the first climate science pioneers -- an article about his work appeared in Popular Mechanics that year, called "Growing Blanket of Carbon Dioxide Raises Earth's Temperature".

The science that formed the groundwork for the theory of anthropogenic climate change was already basically established well over 50 years ago. It's no fad, no trend -- climate science is based on some of the most fundamental and agreed-upon scientific truths in history.

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