Climate Refresher: Runaway Global Warming (Video)

It's good to brush up on the basics once in a while -- especially when political and ideological arguments have consumed the public narrative on climate change. It's important to understand the scientific reasons addressing climate change is so urgent in the first place. Chief among them is the possibility of runaway global warming. Preeminent NASA climate scientist James Hansen explains the concept -- as well as why climate change is likely to cause increased storms. This isn't a "doomsday scenario" or intended to scare anyone -- but them's the facts. As Hansen notes, the process could take centuries to fully take effect, before we manage to melt the entire miles-deep ice sheets at the poles. Nonetheless, it's certainly a scenario that the ol' human race would probably do best to avoid ...

I really don't see how you can legitimately argue that the fact that CO2 (a known greenhouse gas) is concentrating in our atmosphere has nothing to do with warming temperatures anymore -- it's a little ridiculous that our national political debate is still focused on that issue, when the vast majority of nations around the world have long ago moved on. Instead, we should be fixated on figuring out how to stop the stuff described in that video ...

Hat tip: Climate Crocks
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