Climate Counts iPhone App Ranks Companies for Sustainable Holiday Shopping

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Image via Climate Counts

Practically everyone has entered the frenzied shopping season. But rather than grabbing the first good deal offered on whatever's on the holiday list, Climate Counts is offering an easy way to buy from the most eco-conscious businesses around thanks to their new iPhone app and handy pocket guide. Climate Counts grades companies on their sustainability efforts based on 22 criteria, and over 150 companies representing 3,000 brands are part of the database. There are three easy levels -- stuck, starting and striding represented by red, yellow and green respectively. A quick glance at the company's color will reveal where they're at on being a sustainable company, and you can easily know which companies have the green light.

Browse by sector, such as airlines, electronics, appliances, toys and so on, or by brand or company. The iPhone app is free, and so is the pocket guide except that you need to sign up on their mailing list to download it.

Considering activism often starts with where you put your money, you can send a message this holiday season that only the companies that put the environment in a place of priority deserve your dollar. You can even tell them as much with a feature on the iPhone app, which allows you to tell the company that their Climate Counts score impacted your shopping decision.

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