Clif Bar Launching iPhone App for Green Ski Resorts

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Clif Bar is putting out a new iPhone app called Save Our Snow that will give you not only the snow conditions at your favorite ski resorts, but also tell you the environmental steps the resorts are taking to fight global warming, so you can make the best choice on where to go to for your snow fix. Clif Bar has been talk about a lot on TreeHugger over the last few years, and the company is a big advocate for educating winter sport enthusiasts about the problem of global warming.

"Global warming threatens skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports more than any outdoor activity," said Ricardo Balazs, sports marketing experience manager at Clif Bar & Company, maker of CLIF BAR, the leading organic-certified energy bar. "As skiers and riders ourselves, we want to help others who share our passion get a glimpse of what individual resorts are doing to help Save Our Snow."

It's understandable that if snow fans want to have some ice to play in, they'd better be green. So this app is utilitarian in that a user can look at weather and snow conditions at over 500 ski resorts in North America, but the app is also smart in that while you're looking up snow information, you can also look to see what the resort is doing to have as small a footprint as possible. That way, a user can make a decision about visiting the resort, and if they visit one that isn't doing much for Mother Nature, they know to say something to management and take extra steps to lighten their own footprint while there.

The free Save Our Snow (SOS) app can be found in the iTunes store or at Clif Bar

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