CleanTechies Will Help You Write Your Green Job Resume

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Looking for a job in clean tech and need a little help spiffing up your resume? CleanTechies has your back. They've launched a new service that will assist you in writing a clean tech resume. CleanTechies knows that the job market is tough and new clean tech jobs are of definite interest to seekers. So, they are helping people write stellar cover letters and resumes for green jobs.

"In this emerging market, talent with relevant experience is hard to find, and employers are looking for candidates with specific qualifications and clearly transferable skills," says Ian Thomson, CEO and Co-founder of CleanTechies. "With the growing number of new graduates and career changers attracted by clean technologies and renewable energies, applicants need to set themselves apart — particularly as companies are hiring less."

Agreed. So, if you find yourself looking for a clean tech job and want to be sure you're going to stand out, you might want to consider taking advantage of this service.

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