Cleantech Open Announces Winners for Hottest Green Tech Start-Ups

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Cleantech Open is thee competition for Claifornia (and nationwide) start-ups looking to gain seed money for their ideas. The hottest new concepts for clean technology in six categories - from renewable energy to waste to energy efficiency to water use - show of their ideas, and at the end of the competition, it is announced which winners will receive a grand prize of $250,000. I spent a few hours roaming the rows of great ideas (more posts on some of the coolest to come later today) and at the end of the evening, the exciting news was announced. Check out who you'll be hearing a lot more about (and may have in your home) in the months to come...

Selected from the 12 finalists of the Cleantech Open business plan competition, the National Prize was awarded to EcoFactor. Winning a grand prize of $250,000 - $100,000 of which is seed money - EcoFactor entered in the smart grid category, with a personalized residential energy management solution for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (stay tuned for a post about how EcoFactor is not the technology so many people think it's better).

The two runners-up were Alphabet Energy for their work on waste-heat recapture, and MicroMidas, which transforms raw sewage into biodegradable plastic

With a prize of $20,000, the 2009 National Sustainability Award winner was HydroVolts, an in-stream hydrokinetic turbine that enables distributed clean-energy generation from canals, waterways, spillways, rivers, streams, and tidal currents around the world. And spreading out to global competitors, the snatching 2009 Global Cleantech Open Ideas award - and a prize of $100,000 - went to Replenish Energy of Puerto Rico, which works with micro-algae as a renewable energy resource.

The winners are very much deserving of their prizes, as the competition was fierce. Walking down the rows of start-ups, I found tons of great ideas and excellent solutions. More on some of the favorites to come later today!

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