Cleantech Open 09 - PanGreen Wants You To Forget Every Single Green Phone App...Except One

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Photos by Jaymi Heimbuch
Pangreen wants to be the - as in the one and only - green phone app. The only one you will ever need. Ever. It's a big goal, but they're creating the "personal virtual concierge" that puts all the green iphone apps we've seen (and there are lots!) into one simple user interface that will run your life in an environmentally friendly way.
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The goal of Pangreen is to have your phone be a one-stop-shop for everything, tracking your habits in addition to your stated preferences, and tell you what you need to know to get around, shop, eat, and enjoy being green, with basically no effort on your part.

For example, it will sync up with your Facebook profile and track what events you have coming up, and then could make all sorts of suggestions to you, like transportation ideas, green places to shop for gifts or food for the event, and so on. It would also track your carbon footprint, give you green travel information, track environmental impacts of companies...and on and on. The three tools - Pangreen Go Everywhere, Pangreen Business Revolution, and Pangreen Lifestyle - each attempt to combine into one all the various apps currently available...and then an attempt to make life "hassle free." You can check out details about each program here.

My first take - it'll most likely never work. People like to customize a whole lot more than this will probably be capable of. And people want to use only certain features. Also, people like to consume - fancy new apps that do something neat will keep coming along, and users will want to get them, test them, and forget the similar features that Pangreen has worked so hard to provide. It goes against the basic rule that you can't be everything to everyone. And one last thing, it feels a little creepy having your phone know everything you do without your inputting data, and giving suggestions - handy, but creepy.

Still, watching them give it a shot is a whole lot of fun because Pangreen's app does sound like it'll have some great features. Go Everywhere is currently in beta, and after enough testing and feedback, will be released.

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