Clean Water Startups to Watch in 2012

Heather Clancy of ZDNet has put together a great list of the top start-ups in clean water technology to pay attention to in the upcoming year.

Clancy writes, "After sifting through a number of resources, I’ve come up with this list of start-up or early stage companies that I’ll be watching as closely as possible. All of the companies on this particular to-watch list are focused on technologies for treating wasterwater, and all of them have been part of various cleantech innovation competitions this fall."

The list includes companies specializing in wastewater treatment, water purification, graywater recycling, to name a few. Mentioned are aquaMost, which raised $3 million in a second round of venture capital; Emefcy, which rounded up $10 million in venture funding; and Pasteurization Technology Group, which not only disinfects wastewater but also creates renewable energy in the process.

Check out the full list on ZDNet.

Clean Water Startups to Watch in 2012
Who are the hot comapnies to keep an eye on in the coming year?

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