Clean Tech Forum 2009: Sunengy Shows Off Water-Based Solar Concentrator Concept...Again (Video)

sunengy solar concentrator photo

Sunengy is a Sydney company that has come up with a solar concentrator concept with an interesting twist - it uses water as its bodyguard. We saw the concept back in 2006, but haven't heard much from them since then. So we stopped to talk with them at their booth at the Clean Tech Forum to find out more about how it works. Click through for the video.

The wind sensor would be located on each array, and would trigger the array to rotate under water if wind speeds pick up too high. For each device. 1 square meter generates about 125 watts at the current performance level. The device is designed to be maintainable by unskilled labor - simply swap out a broken concentrator for a new one and send the old one off to get fixed.

So what's keeping them from trying these out? Oh, about $2 million. They're looking to raise funds to be able to manufacture them and test them out on a larger scale.

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