Clean Tech Forum 2009: Kicking Off With "Governor Moonbeam" (Video)

jerry brown at cleantech forum photo

TreeHugger is at the Clean Tech Forum this week, checking out all the latest in clean tech ventures, start-up companies, and what the movers and shakers of the industry have to say. Kicking off the event yesterday was California Attorney General Jerry Brown. Click through to hear his perspective on how renewable energy is perceived and what needs to happen to be able to move forward on such a big endeavor. Attorney General Jerry Brown talks about President Carter putting on a sweater, and how we haven't progressed too terribly much in how renewable energy is perceived since then. Also, if you don't know the nickname "Governor Moonbeam" for Jerry Brown while he was governor of California, you will after these clips.

He goes on to talk about the difficulty of moving projects forward, and what has to happen to accomplish it.

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