Clean Tech Forum 2009: GE Ecomagination Presents their Green Strategy (Video)

GE ecomagination presentation photo

Steve Fludder, Vice President of GE Ecomagination gave the keynote that kicked off the final day at Clean Tech Forum. He discussed what he thinks is this generation's defining challenge, and what GE Ecomagination is doing to address and hopefully solve major issues like energy generation, water management, and decreased fuel consumption. Click through to watch video clips of the speech.Fludder gives a comparison of our struggle to go carbon neutral to the moon shot in the 60s, and how GE Ecomagination takes that challenge on. He discusses GE's goals and how they invest their R&D; funds.

He goes on to highlight where they are on achieving their goals so far, including nearly hitting their 2010 goal of $1.5 billion in funds for R&D; by the end of 2008.

Here, Fludder describes which industries they're focusing on their investments:

Fludder says that the smart grid requires policy change that gives an incentive to reduce consumption. He noted the smart gird is more than probably anythign else a demonstration of “we're all in this together." GE's view is that this is a broad-based multi-constituent endeavor, and that is underscored by $11 billion from stimulus package being geared toward improving the grid. (And yes, they're still clinging to nuclear...)

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