Clean Tech Forum 2009: California Getting Tough on Toxic Materials

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Maureen Gorsen, Director of California's Department of Toxic Substance Control gave a brief presentation on what the state is doing to crack down on toxic materials being used in products we consume on a daily basis, and outlines how the state is particularly poised to influence how products are manufactured. Click through to watch her presentation. Gorsen points out that we are entering the third wave of enivronmental protection. The first wave was actions like land conservation. The second wave is what we're in now by measuring carbon footprints and tracking what products are using substances that are toxic. The third wave is all about requiring that products created are done so with benign materials, and have a cradle-to-cradle design. She highlights how the ground-breaking policy to eliminate toxic substances from the supply chain also helps create new investment opportunities for clean tech companies.

Here, Gorson discusses laws in place that give the power to design a new industrial production system.

From toxic toys to plastics on the loose, Gorson reviews the different environmental and social factors pushing them to act.

She then highlights the three strategies for to attain goal of more leadership on safe and benign products, their policy recommendations, adding carbon footprint labels, and the three biggest state purchasing challenges.

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