Clean Energy is Next to Godliness

"It is a 13th Century church with a 21st Century secret." St Mary's Church, in the village of Lidgate, is believed to be the oldest church in the country to have solar panels. Ten panels were fitted to the roof of the tower, which dates back more than 700 years. They are hidden from public view by the church parapet. Located on the top of a hill, the church is in a perfect position to catch the sun's rays. Since the church costs several thousands of pounds a year to run, it is hoped the panels will reduce energy bills by up to three-quarters and also help prevent the church from deteriorating. Any extra energy will go back into the national grid, and the church will be paid for this. The £12,500 panels were mostly paid for by grants from Scottish Power's Green Energy Trust and the Government's Energy Saving Trust. The Church Warden said "I have always been keen on renewable energy. I was first interested in wind turbines but with an historic site like this you can't have one. Then I thought about solar panels." He continued "It is part of the churches' mission to try and take care of God's creation by not destroying it with carbon emissions." Amen. :: Cambridge Evening News

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