CityVille Passes FarmVille as Facebook's Most Popular Game

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Image via CityVille Facebook App

We had high hopes that a ridiculously popular game like FarmVille might get players to build real life gardens, or care more about where their food really comes from. However, it looks like most Facebook players are still interested in city life. What exactly is so compelling about CityVille over FarmVille?The LA Times reports that about 69 million people have logged on to play CityVille in the last 30 days, which beats out FarmVille's 57 million players over the same time period.

While FarmVille allows you to do things like plant and harvest crops, CityVille allows you to build skyscrapers and be mayor. Apparently that's a lot cooler than growing carrots. Or perhaps it's simply because the game is new and everyone who is a FarmVille fan is checking it out. We're hoping its the latter, and that some level of interest in how food is grown (which would please, please, please translate to real life action) is still intact.

What could be even cooler is a hybrid of these apps that has players balance urban growth with surrounding farms, and seeing how population levels and land use impact food supplies. At any rate, here's a preview of CityVille.

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