City Bike in Copenhagen - A Product Service System


TH readers who've been with us a while may recall a story we did on the amazing Velo’v scheme in French Lyon, where city residents and visitors have 1,500 bicycles at their disposal. It was very remiss of us at the time not to make mention of Copenhagen and their City Bike program. Their 2,000 treadlies (as we refer to bikes down under) can be obtained for one’s riding pleasure, from 110 bike racks around the inner city of Denmark’s Capital, for the refundable deposit of 20 Danish Krone ($3.25 USD). Copenhagen so identifies with their Bycyklen, that not only do they have TrioBike, and Sogreni designer bike accessories, but they once gave the then US President Bill Clinton his very own ‘City Bike One’. In operation since 1996, the program includes a bike repair shop, that aside from fixing bicycles, provides an employment training scheme that results in 80% of participants later securing a job. ::Bycyklen København (English & Danish), via Green Thinkers.What's a Product Service System? read about them here.