Citi Listed As 'America's Greenest Bank' Thanks to IT Upgrades

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Earlier this week we talked about a Greenpeace report showing how IT is responsible for a vast amount of carbon emissions, and yet is also a tool capable of greatly reducing the carbon footprint of companies. Case in point is a new article from Greenbiz talking about how IT helped Citi become one of America's greenest banks. By implementing a few simple changes to IT hardware, the bank earned top rank from Bank Technology News. According to BTN, Citi has been working to consolidate their 52 data centers down to just 24 over the past five years, three of which are LEED certified. This equates to a 73% energy savings for powering the servers and keeping them cool, and a reduction of 300 tons of carbon dioxide from their carbon footprint.

By the end of 2010, every Citigroup worker will have an energy efficient computer - which means an upgrade of 300,000 PCs and laptops. We're curious on how the old ones will be dealt with. While energy efficiency is important, it can be equally as or more effective to simply adjust the way the computers are used - as Ford has proven with their recent announcement on energy savings - rather than replace them, especially considering the embodied energy of computers. We're hoping they get reused in some way - the company already has a good policy with other gadgets, recycling cell phones and working with e-waste vendors on zero landfill policies.

Aside from hardware, IT is also a key ingredient for reducing emissions associated with travel. The bank's telepresence centers around the globe have helped it to cut that footprint by nearly one third between 2008 and 2009. That's an excellent use of IT to green up operations.

Other companies topping BTN's list of America's Greenest Banks include This year they are: Citigroup, Bank of America, Johnson Financial Group, First National Bank of Omaha, New Resource Bank and 3rd Federal.

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