Cisco Stakes Out Bigger Presence in Smart Grid Scene

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In May, Cisco positioned itself as the next big kid on the smart grid block. Today, a new announcement shows that that position seems to be panning out. The company is working hard to create an "ecosystem" with companies from all areas of the smart grid scene, developing partnerships that will establish how the smart grid will look for the foreseeable future. Cisco wants to push forward the adoption of Internet Protocol (IP)-based communications standards for smart grids. As Inbar Lasser-Raab, senior director of Market Management at Cisco put it in our conversation last week, IP is the obvious future for the smart grid. To that end, members of Cisco's ecosystem will all take part in supporting interoperability testing and moving the industry to an IP-based infrastructure for smart grids and energy management applications.

A buzz topic in smart grid news of late has been security. Cisco is also looking closely at the issue with this announcement. The company states that it is going to offer security services that include everything from utility compliance and physical site security vulnerability assessment, to security of the physical and networking designs from energy source to utilities to consumers.

A list of the companies who are part of the ecosystem can be found at Cisco's site, but some of the names you'll recognize off the bat because we've talked about their presence on the smart grid scene before, include Verizon as a connectivity provider, GridPoint and Itron as technology vendors, and Capegemini as a system integrator and consultant, just to name a tiny handful.

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