Cisco Puts out Urban EcoMap of San Francisco, Asks For Your Feedback

urban eco map image

Yesterday on Earth Day, Cisco and San Francisco unveiled Urban EcoMap, a tool that works to educate people on the importance of living sustainably within cities. It's a pilot project that began back in the fall of 2008, and gathers data for various elements of the city, from GHG emissions to waste management. It tells residents exactly how green their city is. The project is still undergoing tweaks and Cisco wants your feedback. Click through to watch a video demo and find out how you can put in your two cents.
Urban EcoMap Visual Preview from Urban EcoMap on Vimeo.

Urban EcoMap will be made available to the general public at the Connected Urban Development conference in Seoul, 21st May 2009, after being tested out with San Francisco. To ready the tool, Cisco wants your feedback. Check out to comment on the tool.

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