Christmas Tree Constructed of Recycled Mountain Dew Cans (Video)

tree mountain dew photo

Photo via YouTube

Talk about a recycled Christmas Tree. This one is made from 400 Mountain Dew cans. Drinking soda isn't a green or healthy thing to do - but skipping a fake plastic tree or a chopped-down pine tree and constructing your own out of highly recyclable aluminum cans is certainly a green option. Check out a full-length photo and a video tour of the tree after the jump.

Graphic designer David Barstow and three friends built the tree in 2006, after spending three months guzzling Mountain Dew.Mountain Dew Tree has a bunch of great photos showing the construction of the tree. Earth First points to an article in The Sun about the tree, and while the project is three years old, the tree lives on via the website which still gets hits every year.

Guess we can all appreciate crazy Christmas trees made from recycled stuff.

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