China's Last Great River Dammed - Four More Planned For Tibet

brahmaputra river tibet photo

photo: Boqiang Liao/Creative Commons

We reported on the beginnings of this over two years ago: Finished last November 12th but just now being made public, the Zangmu Hydropower Station on the Yarlung Zangbo (known farther down its course in India and Bangladesh as the Brahmaputra River) has successfully dammed the last major free-flowing river in China.According to China Dialogue:

Around 7.9 billion yuan (US$1.2 billion) is being invested in the project, located in a V-shaped valley 3,200 metres above sea level. At 510 megawatts, the plant is much smaller than China's 18,000-megawatt Three Gorges Dam, but still equivalent to the entire existing hydropower-generating capacity of Tibet.

Four more dams are planned for the river, with the Zangmu dam being the the second to last in between Sangri and Gyaca counties. So far there has been no official confirmation that these other four dams will be built.

via: China Dialogue
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