China To Invest $36.5 Billion to Upgrade Electric Grid

china electric transmission towers photo

photo: myuibe via flickr

Better electricity transmission has been a consistent talking point in the US for the past few months. And it seems that China too sees the wisdom in upgrading its electrical distribution system. Cleantech reports that State Grid Corp will be investing an additional $36.5 billion in 2009 to upgrade its grid:

State Grid, which distributes power in all but five of China's provinces, plans to invest in the development of ultra-high voltage transmission lines. Additionally, money is planned to improve the flow of electricity on the grid from regions that produce more energy than they consume to the more densely populated areas without major energy projects.

China Wind Power Growth Good, But Coal Still Dominates
Now, though it's tempting to jump into how much China's wind power capacity has been growing (up to 12,200 MW total capacity and with much more potential) and how this grid upgrade could bring more of that clean electricity into its populated cities, let's not forget that then China, with nearly 80% of its electricity generated from coal, has even greater lengths to go to ditch its dirty fuel than other nations.

It may be bitter fruit, but at least China is upgrading some coal plants to more efficient, newer models which consume less coal.

via: Cleantech
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