Charge Your USB Device by Breathing


TreeHugger has teamed up with Instructables to get great ideas such as the 5$ Solar Water Heater. We've enjoyed Instructables' tips on making our own wind turbine or homemade microwave mitten warmers. This time we surfed past a piece we just had to bookmark to share with you: how to make your own breath-powered USB charger.

We will warn you: the instructions start out suggesting that you might have everything you need to make this gadget lying about your house right now: parts from an old CD-rom drive, a non-stretching belt or band, a broccoli binder. (And if you don't have a broccoli rubber band, eating a little broccoli won't hurt you, you can hear your mother echoing in your head.)But it turns out to be a bit more complicated than that. You will have to brush up your circuit board building skills, you may need more than one trip to radio shack (take your bike, you'll help the environment and build lung capacity for your charging). For the engaged junior scientist or budding engineer, it is a challenging project with a super impress-your-friends payback.

For the rest of us, it is merely inspiration. Surely there is a generation of scientists and budding engineers building these gadgets who will make these part of the everyday off-grid reality sometime soon. Energy independence, here we come. One breath at a time.

Via ::Instructables

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