Charge Your Cell Phone By Spinning It Around Your Finger

spin cell phone image

Images via Yanko Design

If you have a habit of spinning your keys on your finger, then this human-powered concept phone might be a good option for you. Designer Mikhail Stawsky has come up with an idea to charge your cell phone by spinning it on your finger, letting it harvest the kinetic energy as you walk down the street.

spin cell phone image

Yanko Design shows off this concept. Like most ideas that require a human doing anything to generate a charge, this would likely feel like old news after the first few minutes of spinning. And when spinning something rapidly on your finger, you run the risk of it flying off and hitting someone or something. Not good.

spin cell phone image

However, there are some cool ideas for powering your cell phone with human power, such as the nPower stick, or the Got Wind foot pedal pump. Ideas like these that are external from the device itself likely have a better shot at popularity than having a phone reliant on the user shaking, spinning, or moving it about for a charge.

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