CES 2011: TreeHugger Bringing You Cleantech and Green Gadgets from Las Vegas

ces 2010 crowd photo

Photo credit CES

For the last couple years we've been covering the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. It's the biggest tradeshow in the world for electronics, and there is always a lot of interesting items and news about the ups and downs of the industry. Today I'm off to CES to dig up the best and worst of consumer electronics. We have high hopes that this year will show us some great progress in the areas that matter -- from smart grid services and software to super low-energy electronics to gadgets designed with cradle-to-cradle principles -- and I'm heading to that strange city in the desert to bring you all the green gadget news I can find. Check out some of our past coverage for a taste of what to expect. Follow Jaymi on Twitter for coverage of CES 2011
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