CES 2011: Goal0's Off-Grid Solar Power Solutions for Serious Adventurers

goal0 solar power photo

Photos via Jaymi Heimbuch

None of this tiny-solar-cell-stuck-to-a-jacket-pocket stuff. Goal0 has an off-grid solar charging station that is intended to keep the outdoorsy charged up while out camping. It is designed to be rugged and efficient, and it looks like a high quality solar product. Check out a video of the guys behind Reel Rock Productions relying on the chargers from Goal0 for their extreme rock climbing photography and film needs.

goal0 solar power photo

Goal0 has a range of charging kits available depending on how much power you'll need to gather while off-grid. They're capable of charging anything from navigation devices to laptops. Even the small Escape 350 has a 15W solar panel for charging, and the much larger Sherpa 120 (shown in the video below) has a 27W solar panel. Of course, the durability and reliability come at a price -- the products range from $350 to nearly $2,300 depending on the size you need.

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