CES 2011: eddy Wind Turbine Vies For a Spot on Your Roof

eddy wind turbine photo

Photos via Jaymi Heimbuch

Urban Green Energy is showing off eddy, their urban wind turbine, at CES. The vertical wind turbine can be installed in under an hour, and has a 20-year life span. This is their 600 watt model, though they have higher capacity models available. Urban wind turbines are fairly controversial, with some saying they're basically never appropriate in urban settings either because they don't generate enough power or they're eyesores or they're unsafe or they're noisy... That doesn't stop companies like Urban Green Energy from trying to create a product that proves skeptics wrong.

The eddy turbine is sleek in design, and is safe in wind speeds up to 120 mph. It's cut-in wind speed is 3.5 meters per second, and cut-out speed is 30 meters per second. This particular turbine can generate 600 watts, and the booth spokesman says it's intended to be combined with a solar array as a little boost of energy from the breeze. There is also a 1000 watt model available, which is also roof mountable, though the sheer size is something that would probably make a homeowner hesitant about putting it on their home rather than on a pole out in the yard. The noted noise level is 36 dB at 12 meters per second.

It comes in black, silver and white with a bare minimum base price of nearly $4,000 -- though that goes up dramatically as you select your mounting options, controllers and so on. Your return on investment will depend on your power consumption and local electricity rates, but it will likely be quite a few years before this source of supplemental power pays for itself.

eddy wind turbine photo

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