CES 2010 - YoGen Makes a Splash in Pull-String Charging (Video)

yogen charger photo

Photos via Jaymi Heimbuch

The YoGen hand-held charger is one we talked about back in October, and I finally got to see it in action at CES. It was one of the more popular booths in the Sustainable Planet section, and after trying out the product, I could see why. I also got a demonstration of their prototype pedal-powered charger for laptops, which is reportedly capable of a 50 Watt charge, with just an easy push of a pedal. Check it out.

yogen charger photo

A 5 Watt charge can be generated with a very easy pull of the string. It doesn't matter how fast or slow you pull, the same charge is generated. And I'm told it gives the same charge as if you were plugging into a wall, so 1 minute of pulling is equal to the same amount of talk time you'd get after 1 minute of wall charging, or about 5 minutes of talk time. It's intended as a solution for quick emergency charging.

yogen charger photo

The laptop prototype is intended for the same thing. The engineer who created the device told me that it will be able to extend the life of a fully charged laptop battery by 2 to 3 times, and will allow a person to start working immediately even when their laptop battery is completely dead.

(Ignore the sound...it was loud and he was soft spoken..just focus on the pedal action)

The final version, I'm told, will come out around the fall, will weigh less than two pounds, and will have a price point of around $100. It's an extra two pounds to cart around in your laptop bag, but if you're nervous you'll run out of charge and will need power immediately, this is a good option.

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