CES 2010 - Wretched Excess Dept: Bathroom Mirror Televisions and $40,000 Cyborg Workstations

shower tv photo

Photos via Jaymi Heimbuch

I know, I know... to greenies, most everything at CES 2010 qualifies as wretched excess. But there were two things that caught my eye while wandering the tradeshow floor on day one that are just begging to be put in this department. I can't resist. Here they are - a "vanishing TV mirror" and a computer station that'll knock your socks off...or make you feel like the villain in a James Bond film. Televisions in the bathroom. I want to just say "we don't need them" and leave it at that. But I'll add that the pitch being given by MB Quart about their products is that we all spend time in the bathroom in the morning, and none of us have enough time to catch up on the news or the sports game, so why not put the TV in the bathroom?

Well, for one, because we don't need to, especially if we're trying to reduce water consumption. If you're trying to take a 5 minute shower so that you cut not only water consumption but also your water bill, then why would you put a TV in there when it'll only slow you down and make you WAY more wasteful?

bathroom tv photo

Ok, so then if not in the shower, how about one in your bathroom mirror? Now this one we could see as being a little less damaging but still...do we really need something like this? Are we spending so much time in our bathrooms every day that it could possibly justify adding electronics and televisions to the mirrors? Yikes.

Moving on to radical computer stations.

computer desk photo

Ok, I saw this Emperor Workstation by NovelQuest and admittedly thought, "WOW!! Cool..." But then again, I do work from home and something like this is rather tempting. But then I remembered that my simple desk, laptop propped on a stack of books, and an exercise ball as a chair works perfectly well and has about a fraction of the environmental impact as this station.

computer desk photo

Sporting three monitors, slide-out tables for keyboard, mouse, and extras, and a reclining chair, you'd be all set to hook yourself up to your computer for good. Tempting in terms of comfort, but not so much in terms of trying to maintain feeling like a human. Plus, I'd rather not spend - brace yourself - $40,000 on a really, really, really fancy chair.

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