CES 2010 - PHOLED Technology Can Cut OLED Power Consumption By Factor of Four (Video)


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Image via Universal Display Corp

Janice Mahon, Vice President of Universal Display Corporation sat with me to discuss advancements in PHOLED research, what could be the greenest display and lighting technology. With Phosphorescent OLED technology, OLEDs can be up to four times more efficient than previously thought possible. The technology has been around for several years, but not in the public eye. That may change very soon as energy efficiency is on the tip of everyone's tongue, and we push farther into energy efficient materials for lighting, televisions, and displays. Click through to learn just what PHOLED is, and why it's even better than OLED.
PHOLED technology will allow OLEDs to compete more easily in the marketplace, and can cut our overall power consumption tremendously. From getting our cell phone batteries to last longer, to using a fraction of the energy for lighting up commercial buildings, PHOLED technology is something to keep an eye on.

By the way, in the interview, Mahon mentions the LG OLED TV and OLED light squares that can be used to construct large lighting projects. Here is a little more on each of those:
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CES 2010 - PHOLED Technology Can Cut OLED Power Consumption By Factor of Four (Video)
Image via Universal Display Corp

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