CES 2010 - Nielson Fact Sheet Reveals Surprising Statistics About American Gadget Use

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Photos via Jaymi Heimbuch

In preparation for CES, tech bloggers were sent a fact sheet from Nielsen about gadget use in American households. Some of the stats used are positively jaw dropping, and shine a whole new light on the technology seen at the tradeshow. Here are some of the more impressive stats from the Nielsen fact sheet:

There are 223 million cell phone users over the age of 13, and 25% of the mobile devices sold during Q3 of 2009 were smart phones. That is estimated to go up to between 40-50% during 2010.

There are nearly 115 million households in the US with at least one TV, and the average American watches that TV about 31.5 hours each week. Of these households, about 30% of them actually have four or more televisions.

There are about 195 million active internet users, and the time spent on social networking sites has increased 277% since last year. Nearly 60% of adults in the US have two or more computers.

73% of households have a gaming device, with XBox, Playstation 2 and Nintendo Wii respectively making up the top three gaming consoles owned.

While energy efficiency is part of the dialogue at television booths at CES, it's a very small part, and even less discussed is energy efficiency in the gaming and computer sections. And nearly non-existent at booths around CES is talk about e-cycling, materials selection, life span of devices and so on. You have to hunt for companies actively displaying and discussing this with their visitors.

Looking at these numbers from Nielsen, it seems clear we have to get manufacturers and consumers more focused on greener gadgets. And looking at CES, that's going to take a lot of work.

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