CES 2010 - Horizon Brings Hydrogen Fuel Cells To Our Tabletops with New Generator (Video)

horizon desktop hydrogen photo

Photos via Jaymi Heimbuch

Making a big impression at CES is Horizon's desktop hydrogen fuel cell. Yep, it's a tiny hydrogen fuel cell for homes, and can charge up your gadgets. And according to the founder of Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, it's just the start of a big shift towards "being our own gas stations." Check out a video of this and another interesting portable hydrogen fuel cell product.

The H Cell is just for hobbyists for now (hobbyists with a lot of spare cash as this will run about $500 when available in a few months...) but it might very well show the shift towards having more than just solar or wind at our fingertips as a renewable energy source. Combining all of our renewable energy options and using what is most appropriate for the location and task means we can access the energy we need with the smallest footprint possible. Companies like Horizon are making renewable energy devices very attractive to those interested in hydrogen.

horizon hydrogen generator photo

This HydroPAK is also interesting, but the down side is the non-refillable cartridges. This is a problem that needs to be designed out of the product if it is to be a truly greener option for off-grid power.

horizon hydrogen generator photo

The cartridges run about $30, which makes this only appropriate for emergency situations, as stated in the video.

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