CES 2010 - Greenpeace Ranks Nokia As Top Green Gadget Company

It's tough to get a high rank on Greenpeace's Green Electronics Guide. The organization is tough when it comes to measuring up how companies are doing with recycling, eliminating toxic materials, planning for a device's end of life and so on. Which is why the fact that Nokia snagged top rank at an impressive 7.3 out of 10 is an accomplishment. Check out how Nokia did it, who else made the top ranks and why.The ranking criteria reflect the demands of Greenpeace's Toxic Tech campaign to the electronics companies to:

--Clean up their products by eliminating hazardous substances.
--Take-back and recycle their products responsibly once they become obsolete.
--Reduce the climate impacts of their operations and product

While Nokia ranks top of the list, their score did drop just slightly from the last report, due to "failing to do proactive lobbying for the revised RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances in electronics) Directive to adopt a methodology for further restrictions of hazardous substances, and immediately ban chlorinated and brominated substances."

Greenpeace is really big on eliminating toxic materials from manufacturing (as HP is well aware of), so Nokia lost a point for lacking proactive action.

Sony, Toshiba, Philips and Apple rank next, in that order. And falling at the veeeeeery bottom of the list at a measly 1.4 is Nintendo. Not surprising...Nintendo always ranks last.

You can check out how other companies ranked and descriptions for why they received their particular score at Greenpeace's Green Electronics Guide.

Greenpeace is maintaining a strong presence at CES this year as in years past, reminding the electronics industry that there's more being a top gadget manufacturer than just coming out with the latest technology - it's also about taking the most responsibility for your product, from sourcing materials to cradle-to-cradle design.

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CES 2010 - Greenpeace Ranks Nokia As Top Green Gadget Company

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