CES 2010 - Green Tour Highlights Energy Management, Efficiency and Solar Power

ces green tour photo

Photos via Jaymi Heimbuch

CEA was kind enough to put together a tour showing off a handful of the greener aspects of CES 2010, including highlighting home energy management, energy efficiency of electronics, and gadgets going solar. Zipping through the tradeshow floor, we caught up with Control4, Panasonic and Regen. Control4 talked about their home energy monitoring system, and discussed how smart home management can help move us into home automation for energy inefficiency. He also goes into how partnerships with software developers, device developers and utilities is helping to move us closer to smart grid reality.

Douglas Johnson, Senior Director of Technology Policy and International Affairs with CEA led us through the Panasonic booth and pointed out the display showing the energy efficiency improvements of a TV model from 2009 to 2010. The display showed a staggering 40% improvement. When it was pointed out that if Panasonic can do that, why do we have the debate around the California regulations around TV energy efficiency?

Johnson responded, "The debate is about what makes most sense in terms of the specification requirements. There are always trade offs in energy efficiency...but there's no debate about the goal [of being energy efficient]. Energy is the life blood of the products, so if you limit energy too severely, it will impact functions of the product."

So, while manufacturers want to be energy efficient, they want to do it on their own voluntary terms, with no requirements in the form of state legislation.

We moved on to Regen's booth - you know, the makers of the super sexy solar chargers for gadgets and speakers. We met with Mark Riedy, Director of Communications, who had this to say about the challenges of getting people interested in using solar for off-grid charging: make it easy, and don't make it a sacrifice. He also has responses for consumers unsure about switching to solar.

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