CES 2010 - Embertec Cuts Vampire Power With One Device, Zero Effort (Video)

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Image via Embertec
Embertec is looking to take a bite out of vampire power with their solution that doesn't require the user to do anything different, or learn anything new. Pretty basic, right? Check out a video of the technology after the jump.

Remind anyone of TrickleStar, found at last year's CES? It's not exactly revolutionary technology, but cutting out every last wasted watt is important, and more likely when zero effort is involved.

The payback for the user and at what point the embodied energy in the device is offset depends on your energy use in the first place and how many devices you have connected to it, but it's a very simple solution that we're hoping to see utilized more often for older devices. For new devices, we're hoping that vampire energy is designed right out of them, such as with the zero watt monitor from Fujitsu.

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